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Printer Refills was established in 1986 and has proudly serviced
the community for the past 32 years, providing high quality generic
ink and toner cartridges for a wide range of printer manufacturers.


What is Firmware

Firmware is the Software that is installed onto the Printer so that it can perform certain functions.  These functions include how fast to print, when to take the paper, when to eject the paper and where to start printing on the page.

What happens during a Firmware Update?

Manufacturers often offer Firmware Updates for various reasons.  During these updates, the manufacturer will often tweak the Ink Monitoring or Cartridge recognition systems.  This can often affect the printers’ ability to recognise and read the chip on the previously recognised compatible printer cartridges.  This may not be the case with every Firmware Update, but every update offered puts your ability to continue using compatible cartridges at risk.

Automatic Updates Setting

After opening the box on your shiny new printer, you will happily work through the set-up process.  This includes setting up the Wi-Fi settings.  During set-up, you will be asked if you would like to allow your printer to perform Automatic Updates. We recommend you select ‘No’ to this.  Once an update has been performed, unfortunately a reversal or removal is almost impossible.  You may find yourself losing the ability to choose which cartridge brands your machine will accept.

To Update or Not to Update …

The choice is yours!  But remember, prevention is better than cure.  If you have any questions, please have a chat with one of our friendly staff!