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Generic vs. Genuine Printer Cartridges – Which Should I Buy???

Whether printing for school, work, university or personal use, printer maintenance remains the same among all – if you put quality products into your printer, quality work will be produced. Nowadays, so many are enjoying the ease and benefits of effective and efficient printing, and it is important to receive a high quality print outcome each time you use your printer.

When it comes to maintaining printer ink and toner cartridges, two main choices are offered for selecting the required printer cartridge; genuine vs. generic. Genuine cartridges – also referred to as OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – are made by the same manufacturer that makes the printer, often being sold at a premium price to consumers. Unlike many other consumables, the costing of a genuine cartridge has nothing to do with cost price or supply and demand metrics. Instead, manufacturers sell their printers at a significant loss to consumers, on the basis that customers will make up for this via genuine cartridge purchases, which are significantly marked up to compensate this loss. Essentially, when you pay for genuine printer cartridges you pay not only for the ink or toner cartridge, but also inadvertently pay for the printer purchased earlier.

In the ink and toner cartridge market today, many consumers are turning to the use of non-genuine or generic cartridges in an effort to save money – with modern compatible alternatives guaranteeing quality equivalent to that of a genuine product. Unlike genuine cartridges, generic alternatives are increasingly growing in popularity among consumers, largely thanks to the extremely low comparative price. With compatible alternatives up to 1.5 times less expensive than that of genuine cartridges sold by manufacturers, the lower prices offer a far more affordable and appealing alternative to consumers – meaning the accessibility is far greater than that of a genuine product. Many major printing manufacturers have compatible generic alternatives available, including Brother, Epson, Canon and HP (all of which can be found at https://printerrefills.com.au/product-category/inks/). Unlike genuine products, it is important to ensure the product reputability is thoroughly checked before purchasing a compatible/generic cartridge, as many low grade alternatives are being produced to compete with the genuine market. When purchasing a generic product, ensure that the ink or toner has been made in an ISO 9001 facility by a reputable, professional company that offers a quality assurance guarantee.

Here at Printer Refills, it is our mission to ensure only the highest quality of compatible ink and toner cartridges are in stock and distributed to the public. Offering some of the lowest prices in the market, our 100% guarantee on all of our products means that no matter what ink cartridge or toner you require, a quality product sale is ensured. For more information on our stocked ink and toner cartridges, check out https://printerrefills.com.au/product-category/inks/ or call 07 3208 7799.