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Ink Cartridge Storage

“INK LOW” … we know that error message all too well!  You reach for your replacement cartridges … install them as usual … resume printing.

There is nothing worse than finding that the printer cartridges you purchased awhile ago don’t print well in your machine.  With correct storage, you can dramatically lengthen the lifespan and minimise the risk of poor printing performance.  Follow these tips:

  • Store in an upright position – make sure the cartridge is in an upright position with the print head facing up. This is particularly important if the cartridge contains multiple colours.  Lying these down can cause the colours to mix.
  • Keep it cool – store ink cartridges in a cool and well ventilated area (approximately between 15°C – 35°C) and try not to expose the cartridges to temperatures over room temperature. This could cause the ink to foam causing air bubbles that could cause leaks or air locks over time.
  • Keep it sealed – this keeps the print head moist and the inks in their original state. This keeps the air from escaping or getting caught in the cartridge, minimising any chemical reactions.
  • Seal the cartridge bag – if the original packaging has been opened, return it to a bag that is able to be sealed (or use an elastic band) to ensure the moisture levels in the cartridge is not disturbed.
  • Keep them in a dark place – this stops the ink being degraded by direct sunlight. Cartridges that have been opened and re-sealed (and stored in the right conditions) can be stored for up to 6 months, whilst cartridges in their original packaging can be stored for up to 2 years.

When installing your stored cartridges, it is recommended that you don’t simply install your cartridges and begin printing.  This could damage your printer and waste your ink  follow these quick steps for optimum printing quality:

  • Unseal the cartridge, check for any ink spills and wipe any dust and spills